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Health supplement brand: 10 UGC creators
skincare Brand: 10 influencers, uGC + Socials
florist & Gifts Brand: 5 UGC + Blog review
Our past projects
We secure over 50 creators & influencers as ambassadors for their e-commerce store.

Including Celebrities, Models, and even international DJs, with a combined following of 4,000,000 for social proof & brand awareness.
ambassador program
New skincare product with influencer marketing. In just 2 months, we secured over 200 UGCs on social media raving over their product.

Their serum & moisturiser product flooded social media and sparked an online craze, reaching more than 500,000 people.
Product Launch
We connected them with over 150 creators with over 420 UGCs posted across Instagram & TikTok for their publication company.

We reached an estimated 1.3 million people, saw over 65k+ engagements across social media and had everyone raving about their brand.
Event Launch

The ultimate guide

UGC Creator:
The Complete Guide for beginners

UGC Creator Meaning:

UGC creator, unlike a traditional content creator, is primarily concerned with building communities and fostering connections rather than just creating visually appealing or well-written narratives. The key here is authenticity – they share real experiences about products or services they’ve personally used.

UGC Content Creator vs Content Creator

In contrast, professional content creators typically work under specific guidelines provided by brands or agencies to create polished marketing materials where aesthetics and technical proficiency take precedence over personal experience.

Why Brands Love UGC Content Creators

    1. Authenticity: UGC creators provide an authentic voice that resonates with consumers. Their genuine experiences and opinions build trust and credibility, making their content more relatable and persuasive.
    2. Engagement: UGC creators have a unique ability to engage with their audience. Their content sparks conversations, encourages user participation, and fosters a sense of community, which leads to increased brand loyalty and advocacy.


    3. Cost-Effectiveness: Collaborating with UGC creators can be a cost-effective marketing strategy. Instead of investing in expensive production and advertising, brands can leverage the creativity and reach of UGC creators to generate high-quality content at a fraction of the cost.

    4. Reach and Virality: UGC creators often have a dedicated following and a strong online presence. When brands partner with them, they tap into their audience and benefit from their ability to spread content virally.

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& Process

Some frequently asked questions & steps to being a UGC creator.

Yes, UGC creators can earn money through brand partnerships, sponsored content, and affiliate marketing. The amount varies based on their follower count and engagement rate.


Becoming a UGC creator doesn’t have an upfront cost. It’s about investing time in creating engaging content and building relationships with your audience.

Yes, there are creators who specialise in travel content like digital nomads & expats.

You don’t need a specific number of followers to become a UGC creator. However, having more followers may increase your chances of attracting brands for collaborations.

In some cases, brands send free products to UGC creators in exchange for reviews or promotional posts. This is part of influencer marketing strategies used by companies.

As you embark on your journey to become a successful User-Generated Content (UGC) creator, it’s important to remember that this path requires more than just an innovative idea. It calls for strategic planning, an understanding of your audience, and the creation of content that truly resonates with them.

The first step in becoming a UGC creator is developing your unique content strategy. This will serve as the roadmap guiding you towards creating relevant and engaging material specifically designed for your target audience. The type of content you choose to create plays an integral role here.

User-generated content can take many forms – product reviews or unboxing videos are popular choices due to their authenticity and influence over potential customers’ purchasing decisions. Tutorials or how-to guides allow creators to share their expertise, while behind-the-scenes posts provide insights into creative processes which audiences often find fascinating.

In addition, personal stories add a human touch, making brands relatable, whereas Q&A sessions foster direct engagement between creators and the community by addressing questions and concerns, thereby building trust and rapport among followers. This enhances overall online presence significantly over time, especially within various social media platforms available today like Instagram, TikTok, etc., where most of these interactions occur nowadays given the widespread use and popularity worldwide across different demographics and cultures alike.

our portfolio serves not only to showcase your best work but also to demonstrate consistency, quality, and diverse projects. This is something both fans and potential clients value greatly when considering whether to follow or hire you respectively. Therefore, it is a critical element for any successful career in the digital space, especially with regards to user-generated content (UGCs).

Select pieces that highlight a range of skills, such as photography abilities if visual arts are your preferred medium, or writing prowess in the case of blogging being your primary focus. Ensuring cohesiveness throughout all entries is important so that viewers get a clear picture of who they’re dealing with professionally speaking. The aim is to present yourself as someone capable of delivering high-quality work consistently, regardless of project size, scope, subject matter, etc. This

An active online community often stems from a creator who genuinely interacts with their followers via social media accounts. Regular posting is just one piece of the puzzle; nurturing relationships by responding to comments, seeking opinions, and acknowledging suggestions are equally important.

The journey towards building this community begins with understanding who makes up your audience – grasping what they appreciate or dislike helps you create content that strikes a chord with them. Having a consistent schedule for releasing posts encourages habitual engagement from followers.

Beyond interactions limited to post responses alone, consider conducting live sessions where you directly answer questions or discuss topics related to your niche in depth. Such efforts demonstrate that you value input from members within your sphere which fosters loyalty among them over time.

Apart from crafting compelling content and fostering connections within the digital space, successful UGC creators recognize the importance of receiving feedback – both accolades and criticisms – through their media accounts.

This practice serves as an essential gauge for how well creators meet audience expectations while pinpointing areas ripe for improvement. Being open-minded about criticism  whether constructive or not proves invaluable here.

Monitoring trends in comment sections could reveal patterns regarding types of content generating more interest compared against those less favored by viewership metrics. This insight into follower preferences aids tailoring future posts better suited towards satisfying viewer demands, thereby increasing overall engagement rates over time.

It’s vital, however, not to focus solely on numbers but rather strive to maintain a balance between producing popular material while still remaining true to your personal creative vision. This ensures long-term sustainability in your chosen field of endeavor.

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